Was EastEnders' big fire week a return to form?

If there’s one thing I hope all EastEnders fans can agree on, it’s that Jack Branning is a truly terrible police officer. I really wouldn’t bother calling on him to solve any crime. On Monday, he was with a panting and wailing Linda for about 20 minutes and he still didn’t believe she was in labour. When her waters broke, […]

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Jessica Chastain Blown Away by Tammy Fayes Support for LGBTQ Community

Starring opposite Andrew Garfield in ‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’, the ‘Dark Phoenix’ actress explains that she ‘felt guilty for only really knowing’ about the late televangelist’s mascara. AceShowbiz –Jessica Chastain had no idea Tammy Faye was such an LGBTQ community champion – because she only knew the late U.S. televangelist for her crazy makeup. The star is expected to […]

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