George Clooney still feels like he was punching above his weight by marrying Amal

George Clooney has been promoting his latest directorial effort, The Boys on the Boat, in recent weeks. I’ve yet to see a major interview with him though? Nothing in GQ or Esquire or some “career retrospective” in one of the trade papers (update: lmao, Deadline just released a lengthy interview with him, so scratch that!). It probably doesn’t help that TBITB is yet another poorly reviewed effort from Clooney – he’s on a not-hot streak of “bad Rotten Tomatoes scores” and this film is no different. Which is probably why George spent most of this promotional tour giving junket interviews and talking about his wife and his marriage.

George Clooney is well aware that he wasn’t up to Amal Clooney’s lofty standards when the two got married – and joked about it during his latest interview with Page Six.

“Yes, and I still do [think that],” the actor replied, when asked if he felt like he were “punching above” his weight with Amal.

The “Ocean’s Eleven” star, who we spoke to at a special screening of “The Boys in the Boat” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, went on to say that he believes that’s a common understanding.

“Everyone would say the same thing,” he said with a laugh.

[From Page Six]

Amal and George will celebrate a decade of marriage next year. They got married relatively fast, given his history – they met in the summer of 2013, and he proposed in April 2014, then they married in Venice that fall. The twins were born in June 2017. I would agree that George married up, although I would also say that Amal is a saint for putting up with George’s bullsh-t sometimes. George goes back and forth between doing the “old ball and chain” type comments and talking about how he married up. Speaking of:

Amal Clooney is many wonderful things — but a chef she is not. Her husband, George Clooney, recently joked that her skills in the kitchen are bad enough to kill their whole family.

“My wife, who is a brilliant lawyer — she’s one of the great advocates of the world; she takes on ISIS and all these things — but I better be doing the cooking, or we will all die,” he told “Extra.” When asked what he and the human rights attorney have on the menu for the coming holidays, George revealed he’d be whipping up “a little Christmas turkey this year,” similar to the one he made on Thanksgiving.

[From Page Six]

Maybe Amal is fine with this too, maybe she knows she’s not much of a cook, but sometimes George will say this kind of sh-t about her and I’m mad on her behalf.

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