Sydney Sweeney Says Maude Apatow Is Like Her Sister!

Sydney Sweeney is opening up about friendship in Hollywood.

The Euphoria actress spoke out in an interview with with Women’s Health.

During the conversation, she spoke about establishing friendships in the industry.

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“It’s hard to build meaningful relationships, so whenever I am able to feel that connection, I try to foster it. Like Maude [Apatow]—I look at her as my sister,” he said.

She also spoke about her family.

“My cousins are my best friends.…I love my family, and I love where I came from. Anything my family needs, I’m always there for them.”

Later on Sydney, discussed having confidence in not only who she is, but who she can be.

“I look up to the older version of myself. When I was 10, I looked up to the 25-year-old version of myself, and now I look up to my 50-year-old version. I hope I make the decisions she would be proud of,” she said.

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