TWO Models Found Dead In Separate Downtown LA Apartments – But They Aren’t Related??

Two families are reeling after losing their loved ones within days of each other.

On September 10, one family’s worst nightmare came true. It had been several days since 32-year-old Nichole Coats was heard from by her father and aunt. According to KTLA, the last they’d heard from her was on September 8, when she informed them she was going out. But by two days later when she hadn’t returned any calls or text messages, they grew worried and went to go check up on her at her LA apartment. That’s when they made the devastating discovery: Nichole was apparently bloodied and dead in her bed.

Her aunt, May Stevens, told the outlet:

“I couldn’t recognize her. I believe it was murder, I really do. One of her legs was up in the air in a kicking position. That’s not somebody who just laid in their bed and died.”

So bizarre. But Nichole’s mother Sharon isn’t ready to just accept what happened:

“I don’t know who she went out with or what transpired there. I have no idea but I’m going to find out. So if you’re out there, you’re going to get caught. You’re messing with the wrong person.”

This poor family. Nichole’s cousin Sheniya Mason also expressed suspicion over the death, telling KABC:

“It just didn’t look right to us. Didn’t look right how she was positioned in the bed. She was even unrecognizable as if she’d been beat. They had to her by her tattoos.”

So strange…

The Los Angeles Police Department later confirmed the model’s death to ABC7, but as of now, the LA County Coroner’s Office said Nichole’s case remains open while her cause of death is yet to be determined.

And then things got even weirder… Just TWO days later ANOTHER model was found dead in her apartment.

According to police via NBC News, 31-year-old Maleesa Mooney, who also worked as a real estate agent, was discovered dead in her downtown LA apartment on September 12. According to KTLA, officers made the disheartening discovery at 4:00 p.m. that day after responding to a welfare check. Her family, like Nichole’s, hadn’t heard from her for days, which was abnormal. Maleesa’s cousin Bailey Babb told the outlet:

“When a week went by, we just knew something was off. Her messages weren’t delivering and we knew something was up because we all have a special relationship with Maleesa.”

How sad. Her sister, Guyanese pop star Jourdin Pauline, reflected on the horrifying discovery on Instagram, which you can see (below):

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While no official cause of death has been shared, LAPD spokesperson Tony Im told NBC News on Monday that the investigation is being handled as a homicide. Law enforcement reps also say Nichole and Maleesa’s cases are unrelated. Whoa…

See more (below):

So unsettling all around.

We send our condolences to their families during this awful, awful time.

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