‘Super Dragon Punch Force 3’ Is a Fighting Game Inspired by the ‘Boy Kills World’ Movie

Talent Digital Art, a South Africa-based gaming studio, is unveiling its forthcoming title, Super Dragon Punch Force 3. The game will arrive as the studio’s first-ever release, inviting players into a “vibrant universe inspired by a wide range of geek cultures where they collect and battle with a cast of eclectic fighters.”

It’s also inspired by the upcoming martial arts movie Boy Kills World, which is directed by Moritz Mohr and recently premiered at TIFF. In the film, Bill Skarsgård stars as the deaf-mute Boy, who is on a quest for revenge after his family is murdered. After escaping to the jungle, he encounters a mentor to prepare him to avenge his family’s deaths.

Boy Kills World uses the video game style of depicting martial arts to influence its own cinematic approach, making Super Dragon Punch Force 3 a fitting expansion of the film.

There’s also a subtle teaser of the game within the movie itself. One scene features the fictitious arcade game, Super Dragon Punch Force II. Developers planted the breadcrumb so that they could then deliver the first real, playable iteration of the franchise in the form of Super Dragon Punch Force 3.

The game will kick off at a place called Zed’s Comics, players will embark on a series of fast, high-energy matches. It’ll offer both single-player and multiplayer modes and will be available across PC, iOS and Android.

Super Dragon Punch Force 3 is expected to release in early 2024. There is no official release date for Boy Kills World.

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