Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Wednesday, October 18


You will enjoy the part you have to play in group and community activities. Outside commitments will take you away from family responsibilities. Delegation is the key. A housemate will be taking on more than their fair share but they will insist that they can handle it. Be sure to show your gratitude.


Your energy is low. You can’t force yourself to act when you aren’t capable. Take this opportunity to choose solitary activities. Someone will complain about having expected more from you but it isn’t as if you haven’t already done plenty recently. In fact, this is probably why you feel so exhausted.


People will try to put doubts in your mind. Ignore them. Instead, trust your intuitive response that things will work out as planned. Let your optimism inspire others rather than it being the opposite way around. The more hopeful you are, the more likely it will be that all will turn out well.


You seem to have no choice. You must keep a promise even though you made it under false impressions. Someone has deliberately deceived you but because this situation involves more than just the two of you, you feel obliged to have to carry on, regardless.


Unanticipated requests will make you feel you have to stop everything for someone who needs you. You would rather have continued with jobs you had hoped to complete today. As soon as you are able you will choose to work behind the scenes to escape further distractions.


There are going to be odd moments when you will wish life wasn’t so challenging and demanding but most of the time you will admit to enjoying whatever is occupying your time. Something you hear will cause you a degree of apprehension. Once you get more information you won’t be so inclined to give in to worry.


The main aim of a group effort is to put on a show of community and resolve. This is a positive and united message about the path forward you will all be taking. You’re about to get onto the fast track in order to bring about a mutual goal. Appeals for speed are based on a real need to get moving.


Whether it is politically motivated, a local issue or something wider, the launch of a community beautification project will be met with a positive response. Your involvement will be rewarding and it won’t be difficult to raise the necessary funds to make this special achievement.


You love your job but you are under daily pressures to get results. You just don’t have time to wait around for other people to decide on what they want to do. Some of your colleagues like to talk but you would prefer to get on with the work and get it done.

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Even if you aren’t keen, be willing to give different ideas a try. A workmate will come up with an inventive solution to some stubborn problems. You may have to change the way you work to suit new conditions. Be patient with yourself as you get used to new routines.


A fast moving investigation will balance public interest, duty of care and privacy. There is pressure for those in high places to reveal more of what has happened when so many people feel as if they have been left in the dark.


If energy is lacking you don’t have to continue with plans already made. Let friends know you aren’t in the mood and give them a choice to postpone arrangements or to carry on without you. Be honest and direct about your feelings to avoid confusion.

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