Husband 'hates' wife's new job as he now does school run and makes dinner

With busy jobs, kids and a never-ending pile of laundry, dividing household tasks between partners can be tricky.

But one husband has taken to Reddit to say he ‘hates’ his wife’s new job, because he feels he’s taking on too much of the caregiving and household responsibilities – so much so, that he wants her to quit.

Explaining how he and wife previously shared household tasks, he wrote: ‘I dropped the kids off at school/daycare in the morning and she picked them up in the afternoon. She was able to keep up with a few things around the house during the day, we saved on gas and car maintenance, etc.’

However, his wife switched from a totally remote job, to one which had an office policy that was ‘non-negotiable’. While she got a ‘boost in pay’, she is now commuting 45 minutes and, inevitably, at home less.

After 10 weeks in her new job, the husband says that her new role ‘has put an unfair amount of household and childcare duties’ on him.

He wrote: ‘She wakes up and leaves before the kids even get up. She’ll help get a few things ready for them before she goes, but the entire morning kid routine is on me.

‘I also do both drop-off and pick-up for all the kids too. Evenings have been a huge mess because I get home and try to get the kids distracted while I start dinner.

‘When my wife gets home, she is usually stressed from the drive (her commute has turned into over an hour due to construction and traffic) and takes 15 minutes for herself to calm down before eating alone.

‘Then, after dinner she’s going to bed earlier because she has to wake up earlier.’

He also added that his wife was better at these tasks than him. He wrote: The quality of meals I’m cooking for the kids is not to the quality my wife previously prepared. The house is not nearly as clean, laundry is more backed up, the yard is in worse shape, etc.’ 

Having told his wife he ‘hates’ her new job, she accused him of being an ‘unsupportive jerk.’

But, while he may have hoped for sympathy, commenters were not impressed and branded him ‘whiny’.

‘You’re getting the work that women have done since the dawn of time,’ wrote one.

‘Why is it too much to expect men to support their partner’s advancement and career when women do it all. the. time.’, another commented.

‘Suck it up, soldier. They are your children, too.’

Others pointed to the fact that his wife appeared to be taking on the majority of the childcare whilst she was WFH.

‘I don’t think it’s fair to expect that over the course of a lifetime, your spouse’s career will never require you to pick up the slack at home’, another added.

‘She handled more stuff while she was WFH, now it’s your turn.’

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