If you want the best pregnancy you should chose this month to conceive

I’m convinced that conceiving in one particular month of the year guarantees the best pregnancy – and parents agree with me

  • US-based mother Frances believes that August is the best time to conceive 
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A parenting blogger has claimed to have figured out the best time to get pregnant.

Mother-of-two Frances Chie, from Oklahoma, took to TikTok to share her thoughts on the importance of timing when it comes to pregnancies.

From astrological signs to getting the most out of pregnancy cravings – the content creator proposed several reasons why parents should meticulously plan the time that their child will be born.

A viewer asked Frances: ‘What is the best time to get pregnant?’ She replied: ‘There is only one right answer’ – August.

Over 400 thousand social media users have since viewed the video, and many relate to Frances’ views.

US-based Frances Chi (pictured) believes that August is the best time to have a child for several emails 

Frances explained: ‘If you haven’t guessed already, the best time is going to be the end of July or the month of August.

‘I was lucky enough to have this with my first and it was the best.’

First, she explained that the timing will allow the birth giver to conveniently recover from morning sickness by the end of October.

She explained: ‘Your morning sickness will be completed by October, right in time for the holiday season.

‘That means you’ll be feeling good and ready to chow down on Thanksgiving and Christmas.’

Next, Frances considers the weather. She said: ‘Seven of your months will be spent in the cold weather. So, you get to wear oversized sweaters, hoodies, and sweatpants and be comfy.

‘Also, since it’s cold, you’re not missing out on a thing.’

She added: ‘You’ll have your baby at the end of April or May, so you’ll get to enjoy your baby the whole summer, and it’s great for postpartum because you’ll be able to get out and get some fresh air.’ 

From astrological signs to getting the most out of pregnancy cravings- the content creator proposed several reasons why parents should meticulously plan the time that their child will be born.

Next, Frances considered star signs. She said: ‘If you’re lucky, you’ll have a Taurus, which is the best signs I would say.’ 

The content creator concluded: ‘So nothing is topping August. I’d like to add that every baby is a blessing no matter what month they’re born.’

Over 800 viewers have taken to the comment section to share their thoughts on the Frances’ view, and while many agree some give suggest other months. 

One said: ‘My daughter was born in May and I second this.’

A second wrote: ‘March baby coming. And I couldn’t agree more.’ 

Another added: ‘Pregnant in May and due 2/6/2024 my nausea went away and I am ready for some holiday food and cozy weather.’ 

Viewers took to the comment section to share their thought on Frances’ video- and many agreed 

A third suggested a different time and wrote: ‘I got pregnant beginning of June and I’m so happy with the timing! My mom and MIL are teachers so they can watch him over the summer.’

A fourth said: ‘Nope, I would say end of March/April. Cute bump summertime, jumpers in autumn, Birth at Christmas (I’m due 19th), off work until Jan 2025

It comes after a baby name expert revealed the most controversial titles that parents should apparently avoid.

Emma Waterhouse from Nameberry, a US-based website devoted to baby names, shared a TikTok disclosing the choices they would strongly advise against.

The experts scoured their website for the most ‘polarizing’ names and disclosed some of them in the video.

The expert explained that despite being a ‘trendy choice right now’ with its ‘fashionable ending’, Azriel is the name of the Angel of Death in both Islam and Judaism.

Next up is Bodhi, which was one of the fastest rising names in the 2010s.

But the TikTok explained that: ‘It’s a Buddhist word referring to a state of enlightenment, however, it’s not traditionally used in Buddhist culture in the US.’

While the expert recognized that the name Cohen could be deemed ‘stylish’, it’s particularly controversial.

The name is a sacred Jewish surname that belongs to members of the kohanim, descendant of the sons of Aaron who served as priests in the Temple in Jerusalem.

The expert also suggested avoided the name Dixie, which was a top 200 name in the 1930s, but today the name is associated with racism. 

She added: ‘Most parents are avoiding this name because of its heavy overtones of racism.

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