Im a naked neighbour and give people a show as I dress – its about lighting

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    A woman says she's a "naked neighbour" and will keep wearing racy outfits in front of the window without a care in the world.

    The Australian woman, who is currently living in Berlin, Germany, shocked fans when she filmed a "get ready with me video" of herself. She opted to wear a mesh top with no bra underneath while posing in front of the window.

    But while she tried to hide her modesty from the camera, she admitted she doesn't usually care about the neighbours seeing her in all her glory. The lass, who posts online as @hotsaucebaby, claims she mainly cares about getting the best lighting for her racy snaps.

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    She explained: "You know, that's saying that's like you either have a naked neighbour or you are the naked neighbour. Well, I am naked neighbour. She is me. The window I'm standing in front of has all apartments opposite, but it has the best lighting, so I figure they enjoy the show."

    She then tossed a pair of Adidas shorts to the side as it's "too cold" and completed the look with low rise jeans and a biker jacket. The beauty then finished the clip by putting on a pair of shoes that will keep the bottom of her jeans out of the dirt and said "thanks to all the neighbours playing along at home with this naked neighbour."

    TikTok viewers were left stunned by the look as they took to the comments to praise her for the video. One user said: "This is my favourite content." Another wrote: "Also a naked neighbour." A third added: "Love Salomon’s!!!"

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    The news comes after a woman realised she had been giving people on her street a show for years without knowing. Meg Neil shared a video claiming she had unwittingly become the gossip among her neighbours after realising they'd been able to see her naked for over a year and a half.

    The woman, from Atlanta, Georgia, US, claims she thought she could leave her blinds open because a tree was blocking her window. But it turns out the view was only obscured for her looking out – and not for anyone looking in.

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