ITV Im A Celeb’s Sam Thompson’s one regret after receiving ADHD diagnosis

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! star Sam Thompson has revealed the one regret he has over his ADHD diagnosis.

The Made In Chelsea star shared his diagnosis of ADHD on Channel 4's Is This ADHD?, saying it felt like a "weight had been lifted" off his shoulders last year.

ADHD is defined by a short attention span and poor impulse control, and 31 year old Sam was diagnosed in 2022.

Speaking to, Sam went on to admit he regretted not finding out about his ADHD when he was younger, expressing: “I wish I'd known earlier. Most people who do get diagnosed later in their life think, ‘God, how that would have affected me when I was a kid growing up or when I was at school or…

“You know, I could maybe not blame myself as much for some of the things that happened. So yeah, massively."

Earlier in the series, viewers branded Nella Rose 'patronising' and 'insensitive' as they demanded she should 'educate herself' about ADHD.

During the episode, Nella was extremely nervous ahead of taking part in a trial.

Viewers watched in shock as Sam excitedly ran over to her and sat beside him, before she encouraged him to place his hands out in front of him.

She said: "Face over there. Now this is the energy we need for the trial.

"You see this peace that we have unlocked within you, we need calmness because your partner Nella gets overwhelmed and she tends to lock up inside."

Fans rushed to X, formerly known as Twitter, to comment on the moment. One user wrote: "Um, does Nella know Sam totally has ADHD? Cos this kinda came across totally patronizing, just saying. Her tryna School him? Just yet another way to get even more airtime clearly."

Another shared: "Nella patronising Sam doesn't sit right with me at all #ImACeleb."

A third added: "Nella saying that she finds Sam too much. Poor bloke is absolutely lovely and suffers from ADHD. Can you imagine if someone said she was too much?"

Sam has previously said that being diagnosed with ADHD and autism left him in tears but was still a "relief" to discover. "I just wept, I got really emotional," he said.

"I think just knowing I have it has made me a better person, more self-aware. I want to be a dad, I'm not saying now but at some point I want to know I can look after someone. I want to be the person they look up to and feel safe with and I can provide for."

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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