Kerry Katona: I struggle with mum guilt – I hate leaving the kids – Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona has revealed that she's been struggling with major 'mum guilt' whenever she has to go away and leave her brood, and worries when they aren't with her.

The former Atomic Kitten star, 43, shares daughters Molly and Lilly-Sue with her ex-husband Brian McFadden, and is also mother to Heidi and Max from her marriage to Mark Croft and youngest daughter DJ, from her marriage to the late George Kay.

Taking to her exclusive New column this week, Kerry shared that she is set to return to Marbella for a holiday with her fiance Ryan Mahoney soon, but feels guilty about being away from the children while she enjoys quality time with her partner.

Kerry also updates us on what she's been up to, admits that she has been struggling with panic attacks, talks online safety and shares her TV picks for the coming weeks.

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Panic attacks

I’ve not been feeling great this week – I’ve been having a lot of panic attacks. I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve had them before but not like this. I feel like I can’t breathe and then I have this emotional breakdown.

I went to the doctor and they think it could be PTSD related to something in my past. My CBD gummies and oil has been helping with the panic attacks a lot, but I’m going to go to therapy for it because, while I’m a strong person, I’m not ashamed to ask for help. No one should be and that’s why I’d rather speak out about it. I think we all forget to focus on ourselves sometimes and we really need to.

Big Brother

The new series of Big Brother starts this week and I’ll try my best to watch it, even though I’m going to be busy. I prefer the celebrity one, but I do like the civilian version too. It’s great falling in love with the characters and seeing the psychological side to it.

I saw Rylan Clark said he was sad not to be involved for the relaunch, and I’m a bit gutted that he isn’t, too. He was so good on it. I think they’re trying to have a big shake-up in TV though, aren’t they?


Me and Ryan are going to Marbella to spend some time together soon. It’s hard to get away from it all, so it will be nice to chill and look at some houses too, as we’re looking to move there.

I do feel “mum guilt” going away without the kids though. If I’m apart from them for too long, I panic. I think everyone gets that as a mum, it’s so hard. We just went away with the kids and it was amazing, but it’s hard work as well. Ryan and I need to spend some alone time together.


I’m excited for the Beckham Netflix documentary to come out – I think David and Victoria are both lovely. Victoria
is one of the nicest Spice Girls I’ve met.

I love documentaries so it’s right up my street. I think it’ll be interesting to get an insight into their lives too.

Online safety

Some celebrities have been campaigning for the new online safety bill, which I think is good as kids do need to be safe online. I like to think I’ve taught my children right from wrong and how to be safe online and I’m very trusting.

You’ve got to read the fine print though, because while it’s good to be censored, it also means giving away your data, which I don’t like.

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