Kevin Costners Wife Loses Big In Child Support Dispute After She Admits To Getting Money From Boyfriend

Christine Baumgartner was adamant that she needed additional child support from Kevin Costner to give their three children a comfortable life. However, it appears the actress has been getting financial support from a male friend since leaving the Yellowstone star.

As per court records filed on August 30, which were acquired by Us Weekly, Kevin contended that Christine didn’t require additional child support, despite her request for an increase, and used an extravagant gift from her new partner as evidence.

“Christine’s attack [on me] is a smoke screen to deflect attention from her lack of candor regarding her own financial situation,” the actor argued in his court filing.

“Christine was forced to admit at her deposition that her brother recently gave her $80,000 and her boyfriend recently gave her $20,000,” he continued.

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During the child support dispute last month, Christine testified and faced a direct question regarding her relationship with Josh Connor, a close friend of her estranged husband, after they were spotted together on a trip to Hawaii earlier this year. While giving her testimony, Baumgartner affirmed that she and Connor maintained a strictly platonic friendship, refuting any romantic involvement.

She did admit that he had lent her $20,000. According to Christine, she promptly forwarded half of the sum to her mother and returned the remaining amount to Connor.

Despite Christine’s insistence that she is not romantically involved with Josh Connor, the court ultimately ruled against her request for additional child support.

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Kevin, 68, will now provide Christine, 49, with a monthly payment of $63,209 to support their three children: 15-year-old son Cayden, 14-year-old son Logan, and 12-year-old daughter Grace. Before the court’s decision, Baumgartner had been temporarily receiving $129,755.

Previously, Christine had been advocating for $248,000, arguing that it was necessary to maintain the opulent lifestyle their children deserved. Nonetheless, the court disagreed with her request.

“The Court order must allow the children to be supported at a level commensurate with Kevin’s considerable wealth, even if that level of support also improves the standard of living of Christine,” her lawyers argued.

Despite being married for nearly twenty years, Kevin and Christine had a strict prenup, that only entitled her to a little more than $1 million, in addition to child support and financial help financing a place to live. The prenup left the family home to Kevin, as he purchased it over a decade before tying the knot with Christine in 2003.

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