Pete Doherty went to court with drugs up his a*se in case he was sent to jail

Libertines star Pete Doherty has revealed the extraordinary lengths he went to sustain his drug addiction ahead of a potential jail stint.

The musician's struggles with drugs have been well documented and, nowadays, has regular injections to prevent heroin having any effect on him.

At the height of his troubles, in 2007, he came close to being jailed for possessing heroin "with intent to supply". And he was fully prepared to go to prison.

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Speaking to Louis Theroux in an interview airing tonight (November 14), the troubled musician revealed: “When I walked into court I had some drugs stuffed up my arse in case they sent me down.”

The “hellraiser with an extensive list of hits and criminal convictions” now lives in a secluded French country cottage with his wife and baby daughters, but still enjoys the occasional glass of rum.

It’s a far cry from the years when he made regular headlines for his relationship with supermodel Kate Moss and his 15 convictions for drugs and other offences. “I’m proud of being banned from London,” he laughs.

No longer the skinny drug fiend of the early 2000s, Pete is these days a portly character who has clearly tucked away more than one Margate fry-up. He says he plays occasional songs in his local restaurant in exchange for a free feed, but has been warned by his doctor that he needs to change his diet if he wants to avoid developing diabetes.

He’s devoted to his French film-maker wife Katya, and his little daughter Billie-Mae. “I do have two other children but I wasn’t part of their upbringing,” he says.

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He still plays occasional gigs with the Libertines, but spends most of his time in his little cottage, working on his art. He says it’s “complete chance” that the most prominent items in his messy art studio are a suitcase with Kate Moss’s name on, and a photo of himself standing in front of the London-born supermodel’s portrait.

He gets emotional when talking about the death of actor Mark Blanco, who fell from a balcony in suspicious circumstances in December 2006. “There was some playground pushing and shoving, and the next thing I know he was on the floor and his skull’s cracked open”

He admits that he ran away from the house where Blanco died – even stepping over the 30-year-old actor’s body – because he had had drugs on him. “I probably didn’t take it seriously enough,” he says. “I didn’t want to see the police because it was an inconvenience to me”

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His life has been marked by numerous run-ins with the law. On one occasion, high on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol, he was arrested in Paris after attacking a man on a scooter. Taken back to a police station, he made matters a great deal worse by urinating on a copper’s desk.

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