Petrified Elton John filmed ghosts moans as he recorded in haunted studio

Elton John used a haunted recording studio and ended up with “audible moans and groans” of spooks on tape.

His best pal and songwriting partner Bernie Taupin said there were a number of “things happened that cannot be explained”.

The duo based themselves at the 18th Century Château d’Hérouville near Paris to make three of their albums.

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But Bernie, 73, said his last visit there in the 80s “proved to be an altogether darker episode”.

He revealed: “There had always been talk of restless spirits and ghosts, strange unexplainable events that had filtered down from client to client.

“I’m by nature seriously sceptical about the paranormal, but put yourself in a spooky-ass château on a stormy night and confidence in practicality flies out the window.

“It started with a freaked-out cat and a self-igniting fireplace. I mean the fire literally started on its own and the cat looked like it had been electrocuted.

“Then the lights went out. Retrieving candles and matches from my bathroom, I noticed that the mirror above the sink had been scratched from the inside out.

“While thunder rolled and lightning crashed as if on cue, we did what any other group of petrified pals would do in these circumstances and piled into one bedroom and locked the door.

“This is where things get hazy. With the passing of a fitful night, some were convinced they heard voices and some complained of being tugged or tapped on the shoulder by invisible hands.”

In his new book Scattershot, Bernie claimed he heard creepy noises from spirits when he listened back to the tracks.

He said: “What is the gospel truth is that when we were playing back tracks in the studio the next day, there were most definitely audible moans and groans on the tape that had disappeared when we replayed them later.

“The ghosts had obviously given up on a recording career and we were happy to get the hell out of Dodge.

“The château closed its doors for good in 1985, a year after its owner, plagued by debt, took his own life in a nearby hotel.”

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