Coronation Street fans fume as Jenny and Daisy buy Rovers with dirty money

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Coronation Street’s Jenny Connor (played by Sally-Ann Matthews) and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) could have landed themselves in deep trouble tonight after they planned to use Carla Connor’s (Alison King) stolen money to buy back the pub. Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) stole money from Underworld’s accounts and left Jenny and Carla to try and figure out how to get into his account.

On Monday night’s episode, Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) threw the journal with Stephen’s passwords away right in front of Daisy, leaving her to fish it out of the bin. After working out what the passwords were, Daisy finally had access and found the missing money, but had no intention to give it back.

Viewers were left fuming with Jenny and Daisy tonight after they decided not to give the money back to Carla, and instead are going to use it to buy the Rovers back.

After bumping into one another in the street, Carla told Jenny about a big meeting she was having which could land her a big deal and get the factory on its feet.

Jenny bit the bullet and asked Carla if she could borrow some money to buy back the Rovers if the deal was a success, but Cala slammed: “Is this a joke? No Jenny, sorry, no.”

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Back at Rita’s flat, Daisy was adamant to show Jenny what she had found and told Jenny: “We are celebrating. That.”

Looking at the screen and being told it was Stephen’s account, Jenny exclaimed: “You found it! That’s the whole amount he stole, you actually found it.”

Daisy quipped: “Yeah and we could keep every penny,” but Jenny wasn’t having any of it and was adamant she was giving it back to Carla.

However, after finding out that Carla had successfully made the deal and Underworld was no longer under threat, Jenny had a change of heart.

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Speaking to Daisy later that day, she said: “I saw Carla earlier. I didn’t tell her. I’m in. Let’s buy the pub.

“But look right, we have to be clever about it! I am going to pretend that I managed to get a bank loan after all.”

Daisy had one condition to their deal and said: “See this is the Jenny that I know and love. One thing, you can pretend the pub is yours but I want my name on the title deed as co-owner.”

Jenny cautiously agreed: “Ok. But we would need to keep that a secret because we couldn’t explain you suddenly being co-owner.”

Happy with the terms, Daisy continued: “Fine. Publicly it is yours, but privately we are equals,” leaving Jenny with one more condition.

“Uh-huh. And one more thing, we pay Carla back every single penny as soon as we can,” leaving Daisy to smile and the pair to exclaim: “Deal!”

Viewers were left disappointed in Jenny and took to their X accounts, formerly known as Twitter, to express their thoughts.

@itsamyyyylouise exclaimed: “JENNY CONNOR DO NOT PROVOKE DAISY #corrie.”

Ryan Glendenning noted: “Jenny this is going to backfire on you. #Corrie.”

@janwilkins59 said: “So Carla is going to be a silent partner of the Rovers and she doesn’t even know lol!! #Corrie.”

@floweroflondon commented: “Criminals. Both of them. #corrie.”

@StuartYoung001 said: “Pay Carla back! How long is it going to take a back street boozer to make that much. #Delusional #Corrie.”

@Greg_D_75 quipped: “Jenny & Daisy becoming thieving criminals? #corrie.”

Chris Sutherwood theorised: “Once Carls finds out she will be the NEW landlady of The Rovers & I couldnโ€™t think of anyone better, sheโ€™s got it ALL #perfect #Corrie.”

@LoveChrisandAli exclaimed: “Can’t wait for this to backfire on Daisy and Jenny. #Corrie.” (sic)

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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