Coronation Street Ryans return sealed as he attempts to win back Daisy

Ryan Connor could fight for Daisy Midgeley's heart as he tries to "win her back" in an epic return to Coronation Street, AI has revealed.

Things have been rather turbulent for Ryan over the last year or so as he found himself battling a multitude of issues in the ITV soap. Following his tragic acid attack, Ryan has been going through bouts of depression and turned to selling raunchy content online to get through his struggles.

In more recent scenes, Ryan's affair with Daisy was exposed which led to catastrophic consequences when Daniel discovered that his finance Daisy had been playing away. Despite all the heartbreak, Ryan has remained optimistic as he plans to leave Weatherfield with his girlfriend, Crystal.

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Although his departure seems abrupt, Ryan seems desperate to start a new life in Glasgow. But now AI has shared its take on whether Ryan will return to the famous cobbles.

It said: "There have been rumours and speculation about a possible return for Ryan in the future. Some fans believe that the character could come back to Weatherfield to win back Daisy or to deal with the fallout of his actions. However, there has been no official confirmation from the show's producers as of yet."

AI continued: "Ultimately, whether or not Ryan returns to Coronation Street remains to be seen. We will have to wait and see what the future holds for Ryan who is on his way out. Following the fallout from his affair with Daisy and being exposed by Daniel, Ryan ultimately chooses to leave the Street with his new girlfriend Crystal. She was offered a job in Glasgow, and Ryan decided to go with her for a fresh start.

"Fan speculation keeps buzzing: Many fans are still invested in Ryan's storyline and wouldn't mind seeing him come back, especially if there's potential for unresolved romantic feelings or unfinished business with other characters. Ultimately, the decision rests with the showrunners: Whether Ryan eventually makes a comeback depends on the writers' plans and future storylines."

However, doors are left open: While Ryan's exit was shown onscreen, the writers haven't definitively closed the door on his return. They've mentioned that Ryan and Crystal's relationship might not be smooth sailing, and if things go south, a future return to Weatherfield isn't out of the question.

After Ryan announced that he had plans to leave, it wasn't received well by all Corrie residents. Debbie said: "Why are you going to Glasgow with someone you barely know? Running away wonโ€™t solve anything." As she brought up his feelings for Daisy, he told her it was never going to work out for them as he insisted that his exit is the better option.

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