Heartbreaking reason Matthew Perry refused to ever watch Friends

Friends actor Matthew Perry revealed the heart-wrenching reason he never watched the show.

The sitcom star tragically passed away on Saturday, 28 October, at the age of 54, just months after he courageously opened up about his 'troubled' life in a tell-all memoir.

In the book, he candidly discussed his battle with drugs and alcohol addiction, which included 15 trips to rehab and spending $9million on trying to get clean.

When asked why he had never watched the popular show Friends, which catapulted him to stardom, he explained that it would remind him of his addiction issues.

He said, "I didn't watch the show, and haven't watched the show, because I could go, 'Drinking, opiates, drinking, cocaine.'"

"I could tell season by season, by how I looked. That's why I don't want to watch it because that's what I see."

TMZ reported that first responders were called to his home after reports of a cardiac arrest. The star was found dead in his jacuzzi after an apparent drowning accident, with the outlet reporting that no drugs were found at the scene.

In his memoir Friends, Lovers, And The Big Terrible Thing, released in November last year, Matthew discussed previous brushes with death caused by his substance abuse.

In 2018, his loved ones were told he had just a two percent chance of survival after his colon burst due to opioid use. The actor was in a coma for two weeks and had a colostomy bag fitted, which he had to use for the next nine months.

Two years later, the star had another near miss when he nearly lost his life during a stay at a rehab facility in Switzerland, due to his drug addiction.

Doctors had given him a sedative, which interacted with the opioids in his body, causing his heart to stop beating. The Chandler Bing actor had to be resuscitated, as doctors broke eight of his ribs while battling to save his life.

Matthew admitted that he developed a dependency on drugs and alcohol throughout his 20s while he was filming Friends.

After a ski accident at the age of 27, he became addicted to Vicodin after being prescribed them for pain, consuming up to 55 Vicodin a day at one point.

At the height of his Friends success, Matthew was paid around $1 million per episode, but as he battled his demons, he spent $9 million trying to get sober.

Over his lifetime, Matthew said he made around 6,000 trips to Alcoholics Anonymous, went to rehab 15 times, and needed 12 life-saving operations.

In the months leading up to his death, the actor had publicly announced that he had been clean and sober for about a year.

His last Instagram post showed him enjoying a relaxing soak in the hot tub as he captioned the post: "Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good? Iโ€™m Mattman."

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