ITV Coronation Street beloved couple ripped apart as Asha makes heartbreaking discovery

One of Coronation Street’s most loved couples is set to be ripped apart as Asha Alahan makes a shocking discovery.

In recent weeks, fans have watched as Asha has grown closer to her work pal Isla as her paramedic training continues.

Their friendship has left Asha's partner, Nina Lucas, feeling jealous and worried about what could happen between them.

That only intensified after meeting Isla for the first time, but she has kept her concerns to herself, not wanting to cause problems in their relationship.

However, the problems only get worse next week for Nina as Asha and Isla spend yet more time together outside of work.

Asha arranges to meet up with Isla at the Bistro to study for their course, but she is left confused when Isla arrives and says she wants to spend the day getting drunk instead.

As the girls enjoy their afternoon, a tipsy Isla confesses that her ex-boyfriend is pestering her, but she has gone off men and is thinking of trying women instead.

The girls continue to spend the afternoon in the Bistro, and when Nina arrives, she spots the two of them giggling and gripping one another's hands across the table.

After seeing them, Nina decides to have a chat with Shona Platt about how she is feeling and she decides that she wants to sit down with Asha and have an open and honest conversation.

Later, after the drinks, Isla calls at number seven, where Asha lives, and admits that she likes her.

However, she says that she respects the fact that Asha is with Nina, and as a result, she will ask to switch mentors on their course.

An upbeat Asha later tells Nina that the reason she has asked for a new crew is because Isla has a crush on her.

With the news of the crush fresh in her mind, how will Nina react?

As the couple look to get back on track, Nina offers to help Asha out during her shift at her dad’s shop, The Corner Shop, as she is determined they spend more time together.

The plan soon changes when Nina receives a text from Shona asking if she is on her way, and Nina then makes out that she has forgotten she said she would cover a shift at the cafe.

When Nina heads into the back of the shop to grab her coat, Asha takes a quick look at Nina’s messages, and her eyes narrow.

What has Asha discovered?

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