Lily's baby mistake, Kat's rage, and big murder twist in EastEnders

Major EastEnders feuds are erupting in next week’s episodes, leaving families tense and on the brink of breakdowns.

The first victim could be the impending wedding of Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

Fuming at him secretly training Tommy in boxing, she hits out at her groom’s duplicity – and is then rocked to the core when he accidentally blurts out Alfie Moon’s (Shane Richie) cancer results.

Elsewhere in the Mitchell clan, the return of Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) is stirring up huge angst, not least of all for struggling Ben (Max Bowden).

It doesn’t take him long to erupt at her comeback and the impact it will have on Lexi, and Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) is equally fuming – and chucks her out.

But it doesn’t seem like she is ready to go.

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As for the Slaters, Stacey (Lacey Turner) is struggling with how to deal with Lily’s (Lillia Turner) capabilities of dealing with parenthood at such a young age.

Jack Branning’s (Scott Maslen) discovery of her and Ricky (Frankie Day) messing around while caring for Charli leads to accusations.

Stacey is on the defensive but is then left mortified by her daughter’s behaviour, leading to a clash.

Speaking of showdowns, Denis Fox (Diane Parish) is determined to get rid of Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) once and for all, and a killer discovery on his laptop might be the key she needs…

Monday September 11

Kat is angry when Alfie admits that Tommy lashed out at him and that he and Phil have been dealing with it without her, by taking him to the boxing den. When she confronts Phil over keeping secrets, he accidentally shares Alfie’s cancer scare news.

Kat is horrified when Phil reveals Alfie should be getting prostate cancer results today, and she drops everything to be with him at the hospital. Back at home, Kat and Phil row over his deception. 

Everyone at No.31 is exhausted after a sleepless night courtesy of baby Charli. Stacey is taking charge, but Lily convinces her and Eve to go to work and let her take care of her baby daughter. Reluctantly, Stacey agrees.

But disaster strikes when Lily and Ricky  go out and Jack is horrified to find them clowning about with baby Charli.

Marching over to Stacey, Jack throws accusations about and, mortified, she drags Lily home.  

Jay worries about Lexi being cagey with her phone and later discovers she’s been texting Emma, who is back. She reveals Lexi has been messaging her for weeks and that she’s really worried about her.

Jay throws Emma out, but Callum pleads with Jay to listen for Lexi’s sake. Emma asks for another sit-down tomorrow. 

Whitney has a successful chat with the fostering service but is told she and Zack need their own place before they can apply. Chelsea struggles with the news they’ll be moving out. 

Tuesday September 12 

Phil tries to make amends with Kat, who has frozen him out. After a pep talk with Sharon, Phil arrives at the cab office with chocolates for Kat, but his attempts to make up are unsuccessful.

In a state, Phil storms over to Peggy’s to be alone, but Emma barges in and demands a G&T. At the Vic, Sharon talks sense into Kat, who goes looking for Phil.

Chelsea struggles with Whitney’s impending departure following her fostering news, and opens up to Denise, who invites her to move back in with them. But Ravi arrives and suggests that he and Nugget could move in with her instead.

Chelsea is unsure, but Ravi is determined to take the next step. During a heart-to-heart with Whit, Chelsea admits she’s not sure she’s ready to move in with Ravi, but her friend encourages her to take a leap of faith.

Denise is horrified when Chelsea and Ravi announce they are moving in and warns Ravi that her daughter will see through him. 

Ben goes mad upon hearing about Emma’s return and bans her from seeing Lexi. Later, Kathy counsels Jay to put Lexi’s feelings first – she loves her grandma.

Jay is heartbroken when Emma shows him the anguished messages Lexi has been sending her as Lexi didn’t want to upset her dads further. Jay promises to speak to Ben about letting Emma see Lexi. 

When Stacey and Lily fake that everything is perfect for the social worker, Jean is concerned. She tries to encourage her daughter not to be so heavy-handed with Lily and to let her make mistakes and learn.  

Wednesday September 13 

Chelsea tries to restore peace by inviting her and Ravi’s families to drinks at No.1. Jack encourages Denise to support Chelsea and keep enemy Ravi close but after she overhears Gina and Anna rowing about Ravi dealing drugs, Denise is desperate to go to the police.

Jack urges caution, and they head to the party, where the air is thick with tension.

Things go from bad to worse when a row breaks out, leading Chelsea to throw accusations at Denise, who storms out having secretly taken Ravi’s laptop.

Emma continues to push for access to Lexi, which Jay reluctantly allows. During an emotional chat, Emma promises never to leave Lexi again, but Ben soon destroys her hopes. 

Phil sheepishly returns home to Kat, who is angry he stayed out all night. Over lunch, he promises to be straight with her from now on but after a coy Emma passes, he rushes off.

After Alfie lets the boys down, Kat makes a decision and books the registry office, which has a cancellation for next week, so she can marry Phil. Elsewhere, Keanu is furious to receive an injunction from Lisa’s solicitor. 

Thursday September 14

Boxing promotor Dorian enthuses to Sharon about the work opportunities and great lifestyle in Abu Dhabi, suggesting a move there could set her up for life.

She’s dismissive but clearly intrigued.

In the Vic, Kat announces she and Phil will marry next week.

Stacey continues nit-picking Lily’s parenting, so Jean tells her off.

As Stacey explains why she’s so protective, Jean reminds her that Theo has gone and Lily is the one who must protect Charli now.

However, when Stacey goes outside, finds something horrifying waiting for her.

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