Naga Munchetty tells Carol Kirkwood to try harder in cheeky swipe

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BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty cheekily teased weather reporter Carol Kirkwood to “try harder” during her report after failing to receive a compliment from Charlie Stayt.

Finishing off her report for the weather this weekend while taking a peek at what next week holds, Charlie was left impressed with Carol’s presentation.

He noted: “That is quite a weather forecast isn’t it Carol?” which left her to ask: “Thank you, Charlie, I am not sure if that is good or bad but I’ll take it as a compliment thank you.”

Naga asked: “Are you complimenting Carol or the weather?” which left Charlier to ponder: “Well it was more of a…

“I wasn’t really talking about your delivery of the weather I was just saying that is a lot of weather.”

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Laughing at the mishap, she joked: “I know, I was twisting it around to my benefit but it backfired spectacularly.”

Naga jumped in and quipped: “Well because he didn’t say it was you, did he? He said it was the weather he was impressed with.

“Never mind Carol, try harder next time when we see you next time, how is that?” she joked before Carol quickly signed off.

Naga and Carol often joke and tease one another during the links between the news and the weather reports, but some viewers often don’t see the funny side to Naga’s humour.

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The seasoned presenter recently faced backlash for a joke she made towards Carol after she had a sore throat and needed to get a cup of tea.

During a previous edition of the show, noticing her croaky voice Charlie asked: “Carol, have you got a cup of tea?”

She replied: “Not yet Charlie but I think I need to go and get one, I’m sounding very scratchy, sorry about that.”

He told Carol they would give her some time off the air so she could get herself a hot cup of tea, whilst Naga added she got some hot honey and lemon.

As she thanked the pair for their advice, Naga couldn’t resist a cheeky swipe and said to Charlie: “Although Carol says thank you, she’s so polite, we only suggested she go and got one, we didn’t offer to get her one.”

BBC Breakfast airs everyday from 6am on BBC One.

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