Hunter Biden's Exposed Texts Reveal a Lot About His Finances & Relationship With His Brother's Widow

Hunter Biden vented to his uncle about money woes and his relationship with his family — including his brother’s widow — in text messages that were revealed in IRS whistleblower documents, per New York Post.

In the texts, Hunter, 53, reached out to James Biden, the younger brother of President Joe Biden, in December 2018 and stated that his money was “all gone” and that he couldn’t afford living expenses or school tuition for his three daughters.

“I can work when I’m in NYC all day every day for the next 3 months,” Hunter told his uncle. “But I can’t pay alimony w/o Dad or tuitions or for food and gas. Really it’s all gone.” He continues: “I can go make it up in 15/20 days I’m sure, but he’s basically made it clear that he’s not paying alimony b/c Mom made clear that she won’t do it.”

In the texts, Hunter also mentions moving into his father’s Delaware home after the end of his relationship with Hallie Biden, his sister-in-law. Hallie was married to Hunter’s older brother Beau until his 2015 death. Hunter and Hallie’s controversial romance was outed in 2017 and is believed to have began a year prior. The pair reportedly split in 2019.

“Hallie won’t allow me to be at the house or lend me or pay me back any money,” Hunter continues in the texts. “Ashley [Hunter’s sister] moves into momoms [sic] house after I told dad that I would move in there. … That night I tell dad I want to probably stay in the areaand [sic] specifically I wanted to live by you and teach my course at Penn and maybe develop another one.”

In 2021, Hunter addressed his relationship with his brother’s widow in an interview with CBS’s Sunday Morning. “I think people were confused by it and I understand that. I really do,” he said.

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“To me, it’s not something that is difficult to explain because it came out of a real overwhelming grief that we both shared and we were together and trying to do the right thing. And that grief turned into a hope for a love that maybe could replace what we lost and it didn’t work,” Hunter added.

At the time of the relationship, Hunter was still legally married to his estranged wife Kathleen Buhle with whom he shares three daughters — Naomi, 29, Finnegan, 23, and Maisy, 22. Buhle and Hunter finalized their divorce in 2017.

“I made a lot of decisions that I probably shouldn’t have made,” said Hunter in the same interview. “There was a lot more compassion and understanding for the people that knew me, but it was a horrible time.”

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