Moment Sharon Osbourne is attacked by demon before shes rushed to hospital

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    Sharon Osbourne was rushed into hospital after she was attacked by a "demon".

    The 70-year-old showbiz matriarch was filming ghost show Night of Terror with her youngest child Jack at the Glen Tavern Inn hotel in Santa Paula, California, when she suddenly became unresponsive.

    Ozzy Osbourne’s missus had her medical emergency after going into a room where there had been reports of a strange evil entity. She tried to ask the alleged spirit questions while blindfolded when all hell broke loose.

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    Jack, 37, claims what happened to her “defied medical science”. He believes she may have been attacked by an evil entity from Hell.

    He said: “I believe it was some kind of spiritual attack. I was really scared, like, ‘Really? My mum’s about to f*****g die while we’re doing a ghost hunt? No, that’s not supposed to happen.

    “We were just kind of confused and thought she was playing a joke on us. Then I looked at the monitor and was like, ‘That’s not normal,’ and I go in and she was out. I mean, she stopped breathing.”

    The crew immediately called an ambulance and Sharon was rushed to hospital where she stayed for two days. Doctors were left baffled by Sharon’s funny turn after doing a series of tests on her, including brain and MRI scans which found she was in normal health.

    A clip of Sharon’s terrifying ordeal is seen in a trailer for the show, which sees her lying back in a chair with her mouth open. The media personality then carries his mum in his arms while telling a camera crew “we need an ambulance now”.

    The former X Factor judge is then seen lying on the floor of the room while Jack tells the team he’s “just trying to keep her airway” open and screaming “mum breathe!”. Ahead of the incident, Jack said a medium who reached out to the psycho spirit warned his mum “this thing hates women”.

    He said during her creepy experience his mum’s pulse dropped and her breathing turned shallow. Jack was initially convinced Sharon had suffered a stroke or aneurysm – but after tests found she was okay he is now convinced she was targeted by a menacing creature from beyond the grave.

    He said: “I think it’s some really interesting paranormal evidence.” Jack said a doctor believed Sharon had fainted until he showed him the footage and then could not explain her medical episode. “The doctor was like, ‘Okay, I’ve never seen anything like that," he continued. "I don’t even know what that is’.”

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