Visual Artist Joshua Vides Lends His Monochromatic Designs to Cincoro Tequila’s First Collaborative Venture

Cincoro Tequila has embarked on its first-ever limited-edition collaboration with visual artist Joshua Vides. Known for its award-winning portfolio of luxury tequilas, Cincoro tapped Vides to reimagine the design of its signature Cincoro Añejo Tequila bottle. And since the season of giving is officially here, this partnership brings spirit lovers a collector’s item uniquely transformed by Vides’ graphic monochromatic design, a token of his imaginative world and an elegant addition to any bar cart. The Cincoro Añejo x Josh Vides collaboration coincides with Miami Art Week, where this exclusive release, limited to 150 bottles, will be showcased during a private, invitation-only soirée held at the Edition Hotel in Miami, Florida.

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As tastemakers from around the globe enjoy the latest and greatest in contemporary art discourse during Miami Art Week, the Cincoro Añejo x Josh Vides invites art lovers and tequila connoisseurs to partake in the city’s cultural festivities. An ultra-modern glass bottle with curved edges and a crystal-shaped topper houses Cincoro’s 100% Weber Blue agave-made tequila. It’s ornate and immediately recognizable on the top shelf to meticulously curated wet bars and a likely canvas for Joshua Vides. Across his career, the artist has brought his distinctive black-and-white iconography to exclusive sneaker designs, mind-bending murals and immersive solo exhibitions, with his monochromatic mediums seemingly rendered uncanny or ripped straight from the page of a comic book.

“The Cincoro bottle, with its sleek design, provided me with an open canvas that empowered me to reimagine its presentation. I was able to design it with a 360-degree approach, allowing me to accentuate the authentic beauty of the bottle in a new way. This creation is one I’m proud to share with my community and Cincoro’s devoted fan base,” comments Vides. Adapting familiar motifs from his artworks — pixelated dots, warped line art and geometric sketches — he seamlessly merges these street-inspired graphics with the luxe packaging of Cincoro.

Being Cincoro’s first-ever collaborative venture, this limited-edition release marks a significant milestone for its founding legacy: “This partnership brings together the worlds of art and luxury, offering a unique collector’s item to celebrate our delicious Tequila and introduces it to a new audience passionate about art, streetwear culture, and our delicious liquid,” says Emilia Fazzalari, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at Cincoro Tequila. “Michael [Jordan] and I hand-selected this batch of our Añejo Tequila, as we felt it would reflect the greatness and exceptional artistry of the bottle.”

A bespoke wooden box accompanies the bottle, creating a decorative and arresting unboxing experience for avid collectors. Vides drew inspiration from the protective crates that handle precious works of art, in this case, the limited-edition Cincoro Añejo x Josh Vides bottle, which will arrive with a signed and numbered sketch courtesy of Vides.

The Cincoro Añejo x Josh Vides collaboration will unveil during a private, invite-only affair on December 5 at the Edition Hotel. During the event, guests will have access to a limited number of custom bottles for purchase prior to Cincoro’s official presale. Those looking for a unique gifting opportunity for the holidays ahead can visit the luxury e-commerce platform ReserveBar. Pre-orders will commence at 12:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, December 6. The Cincoro Añejo x Josh Vides collaboration will retail for $649.99 USD.

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