Big Brother fans disgusted over Jordans revolting habit amid Pot Noodle row

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    Big Brother fans were left utterly disgusted after spotting Jordan’s disgusting habit amid tense Pot Noodle row.

    During Tuesday’s (October 10) visit to the famous ITV house, fans caught up with the residents as they adjusted to life in the luxury home.

    At the start of the show, the residents were tasked with sharing an enormous bed together for six hours without falling asleep or breaking the rules.

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    But it didn’t take long before tensions started rising in the house after Henry and Jordan left the bed and to enjoy meal together in the kitchen.

    What the others didn’t realise was that the pair had secretly smuggled a pair of Bombay Pot Noodles into the shared bedrooms. It didn't take long before Farida shared her disappointment at their actions, as she gossiped with Matty in the shared bedroom.

    As Matty joined her on the bed, Farida offered him some of her sweets which she had stashed away. She complained: "Do you know what? Before I went I said, 'I'm really hungry and I'm really looking forward to a Pot Noodle.'

    "But by the time I'd came down and they [Henry and Jordan] had seen the store room they had gone and got themselves the noodles so when I went in there was none left. It doesn't matter, s**t happens but it's happened three times now. It's part of living here, but that was a bit spiteful.

    "But thankfully, God's given us a lot of patience to be patient in certain situations," she added within earshot of the two boys behind her. However, her complaining wasn't enough to put the pair off their meals, as Jordan, Kerry and Henry enjoyed a Pot Noodle together in the kitchen.

    It was at this point that Jordan revealed his disgusting habit as he squeezed a generous portion of mayonnaise into his curry-flavoured pot noodle. Both Kerry and Henry turned around in disgust as they watched the lawyer mix up his concoction which had curdled in the pot.

    He admitted: "I love mayonnaise, I put it with everything." It didn't take long before fans flooded to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their disgust online.

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    One user penned: "When I saw Jordan putting mayo in his Pot Noodle tonight [three vomiting emojis]" as another agreed: "This was my face when Jordan put mayo in his pot noodle [five crying emojis]."

    A third chimed in with: "Mayo with a Pot Noodle?? What am I witnessing #BigBrother" as a fourth fumed: "WHO PUTS MAYO IN A POT NOODLE #BBUK #BigBrother."

    Big Brother airs on weekdays on ITV2 from 9pm or stream it live on ITVX.

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